Dedicated to the Creation, Maintenance and Beautification of

Public Parks, Playgrounds & Green Space throughout New Orleans.

The City Council will take up a Citywide Parks and Recreation Proposition on Thursday, December 6, 2018. This Resolution (R-18-521) seeks approval to put before Orleans Parish voters, in a May 4, 2019 election, a millage proposal by which an ad valorem tax will be shared by NORDC, Parks and Parkways, the Audubon Commission, and City Park. The meeting will start at 10:00 in Council Chambers. Public comment will be taken. Please see the position of Parks For All on this millage proposal.


Parks For All supports a general parks millage for Orleans Parish but
opposes the specific reallocation of existing park and recreation millages under consideration in the resolution currently before City Council. Notwithstanding Parks For All’s genuine enthusiasm for the concept of a shared parks millage and for increased cooperation among the various parks and recreation jurisdictions in New Orleans, we are opposed to any millage proposition unless and until
(1) A citywide parks master plan has been prepared with the assistance of an outside consultant as specified below.
(2) An advisory body, which includes representatives of the park systems and parks advocacy groups, is established and is charged with, among other responsibilities, assisting the city government in selectingthe master-plan consultant and recommending standards for determining the allocation of the proceeds of the millage proposition to be presented to the City’s voters.

(3) An appropriate allocation of the funds generated by a proposed millage is determined based on the findings of the parks master plan and the relative needs of the various entities.

The Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO) is the law that governs land use throughout the City of New Orleans. The CZO includes lists of permitted land uses for each of the City’s zoning districts, design standards, operational rules, and other regulations.  The newly elected City Council will be reviewing the CZO in the next year.     

Article 7 of the CZO refers to "Open Space Districts", including parks.  To read more about Article 7 and review current permitted/conditional uses allowed in parks,  visit



  1. Parks Foster Mental, Physical and Spiritual Health
  2. Parks Encourage Physical Activity
  3. Parks Advance Health Equity
  4. Parks Help Kids Flourish
  5. Parks are a Powerful Prescription to Combat Disease
  6. We Need Parks to Survive  

  1. Careful master planning and underlying individual park plans that comply with the citywide plan
  2. Ongoing maintenance and beautification of green space
  3. Protecting green space from commercial development
  4. Enlarging & connecting parks with bike & pedestrian pathways
  5. Ensure a strong public voice in park affairs through amendments to the City Zoning Ordinance
  6. Use New Orleans ecosystem to create "natural" parks, including water parks, levees and neutral grounds
  7. Maintaining civility by developing a "code of conduct" to prevent anti-social behavior
  8. Ensuring adequate funding for entire park system
  9. Develop cooperation among different park & recreation constituencies
  10. Encourage inclusion of citizens and advocates to park boards

In an effort to better understand and enhance the entire NOLA park system, we need your help.  Please choose any park or green space with personal meaning and tell us what it means to you.

Parks for All believes in a process of park management that enhances, enlarges and connects a series of parks and green spaces throughout the city.  Accessibility to open green space is a fundamental piece to this mission. 

Following are statements on best practices.





Park Millage on the 2019 Ballot

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