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January 8, 2018    Keith Hardie presentation to the City Council disproves the legal advice given to the City Planning Commission regarding governance of New Orleans Regional Parks.

Re: Master Plan Amendments, Chapter 7 Reconsideration

Dear Councilmembers:

I write in support of the amendments drafted by NOLA Parks for All and sponsored by
CM Cantrell, specifically the request for reconsideration of the proposal to ensure thorough
public engagement and to consider including extra restrictions for the transfer of open space to
recreational and other uses. In particular, NOLA Parks for All wants to make the Council aware
that it believes that the Planning Commission was given incorrect legal advice when it
considered these proposals at it October 10, 2017 meeting. Read More

Scott Howard addresses CPC in support of Parks for All Amendments.
CPC Meeting 10/10/17
CPC's Robert Rivers says regional parks may fall under state law, rather than the city. NO RECOMMENDATION was given to the council.
CPC Meeting 10/10/17