Thank You Mayor Elect LaToya Cantrell for
Sponsoring the Parks for All Park Amendments

Scott Howard discusses Master Plan language with Tara Richard and Laura Bryan.

CPC's Robert Rivers says regional parks may fall under state law, rather than the city. NO RECOMMENDATION was given to the council.
CPC Meeting 10/10/17
CPA Amendment Circus

7.     Prioritizes the creation of new parks and playgrounds in unserved areas and restoring vacant or closed neighborhood parks. (Chap 7, Goal 4A, 4B)

8.      Recommends that the City Research the history and design of parks, open/green spaces, and recreation sites to develop, restore, redesign, reconstruct, and maintain the area. (Goal 7D)

9.     Supports the provision of recreational opportunities appropriate to the demographics of the surrounding neighborhoods. (Goal 9.A)

10)    Added to the existing recommendation to “balance passive and active uses of parks and public spaces,” the recommendation of “keeping them accessible to all residents.” (Chap 7, Goal 4)

Keith Hardie's letter to the City Council disproves the legality of state control over New Orleans Parks. 1/8/18

NOLA Parks For All is proud to announce the top ten protections and recommendations for regional parks gained through the 2018 Master Plan process.

1. City Council Adds Chapter 7 Master Plan Language
NOLA Parks For All crafted Master Plan language that now includes the word use, specifically when open green space is being converted to some other designation.  The new Chapter 7 language, including Mayor Elect LaToya Cantrell's comments follow.

Enhance the planning processes for parks by incorporating greater community input in the use, design, maintenance, and general improvements for all parks, open/green spaces and recreational spaces. LaToya Cantrell's comments below.

2.    Deleted the word “net” in Chapter 7 Goal 3. The old language for the goal read “no net loss of park land.” (Goal 3) The change is a major improvement. We shouldn’t be selling off parts of our parks simply because an acre in a park can be replaced by an acre somewhere else.

3.     Encourages funding for parks (Chap 7, Goal 3.A) Great cities have great parks. We can’t continue to require our Regional Parks to self-fund.  Self-funding results in the cannibalization of the parks with commercial and intensive development in order to pay maintenance. So, to the extent the City or State can provide funding for park maintenance, this is a great step forward.

4.     Recommends requiring Master Plans for Regional Parks and recommends amending the CZO to require those master plans. (Chap. 7, Goal 12.C)

5.    Recommends “[e]nhanc[ing] the existing public edge along the Mississippi River” “allowing open/green space to dominate” in parks and public access along the Mississippi River. (Chap 7, Goal 5)

6)    The CPC argued that park boards could govern themselves without council or public oversight if parks fell under state control.  Keith Hardie's rebuttal of the CPC follows

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