Dedicated to the Creation, Maintenance and Beautification of

Public Parks, Playgrounds & Green Space throughout New Orleans.

A renewed civic involvement in the enhancement of our urbanscapes by those who live in closest proximity to these public spaces is the goal.  The result is inviting, litter free, safe and green public open spaces and strong community binds to it.

Our associates plant, tend and sustain greenery, furnishings and ornaments in
parks, bus stops, playgrounds, and varied public areas with support from municipal authorities and guidance from community horticultural resources.

Step outside and notice the potential of your neighborhood.  When you become part of the City Beautiful team, you experience the transformation of an area you made a little greener....a little cleaner. Neighborhoods blossom.


The View From Your Front Door


Your parks need you!  Volunteer today!

Cooperation with Municipal Departments
City Beautiful works directly with the public, city planners and lawmakers to create effective partnerships in public collaborations.

Partnering with Professional Guidance
City Beautiful seeks skilled assistance to lead the team in education and training with the goal of maximizing results.

Funding Sources
City Beautiful is ideally self funding where residents
and neighboring businesses sustain projects and maintenance. Grants, donations and other underwriting are graciously accepted.


The City Beautiful Mission

  • Increased green space creates a better environment.
  • Well maintained plantings showcase community pride & stability.
  • Leadership from landscape/environmental experts educates people on best gardening practices.
    Cooperative action and fundraising increase social capital.
  • Enhancements make better impressions for visiting tourists.

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